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After careful consideration, Yevo is closing its network marketing operations.

Nutrient Foods, the maker of Yevo’s products, is 100% committed to complete nutrition and will sell its products directly to consumers. This direct to consumer model allows for greater access to our foods, which ultimately can help more grow and heal their bodies.

Nutrient Foods plans to launch a new brand and a new web site with an exceptional customer experience. However, during the transition, rest assured that your orders will continue to be fulfilled, and you should have no interruption in the 43 essential nutrients that you need daily.

Our mission will always be to provide 43 essential nutrients for everyone in simple, easy and affordable foods that are delivered right to your door.

Complete Nutrition in Every Meal

Time is precious. You’re busy.

Yevo provides meals for when healthy home cooking is not an option.

Yevo - Go43 - 43 Essential Nutrients

Simple, easy and affordable. Delivered to your door for about $2.50 per meal*.

Go43. It’s all you need to change your life, every day.

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*Based on FDA’s RACC serving size

The Problem – Most Food is Junk

Most of Our Diet is Junk

Today’s diet is stripped of the nutrients our bodies require. 75% of our food is processed, and 58% is ultra-processed. Junk is just empty and addictive calories full of salt, sugar and bad fats.

Junk Kills Us

Poor nutrition is a major source of health and wellness problems. It leads to early cell death, inflammation, rapid aging and ultimately, chronic disease. It affects everyone at ALL ages.

The biggest offenders? Breakfast and on-the-go foods.

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Go43 and Your Body Will Love You

Good things happen when you eat Yevo.


You feel full and satisfied. Your cells are nourished.

Taste Bud Evolution

In a few months, you’ll crave nutrients, not bad stuff.


You have less inflammation, your cells regenerate and you feel great.

Long Term Health & Wellness

80% of health problems can be avoided with good lifestyle choices, starting with proper nutrition.

Lay the foundation for your best life possible – Go43.

Go43: Complete Nutrition

EN43 Hot Rice
  • All 43 essential nutrients
  • Excellent source of protein, 25 vitamins and minerals, fiber and contains Omega-3s
  • Simple: we deliver the nutrients, you just enjoy them
  • Easy: Ready to eat (add water, milk, or have as is)
  • Satiety State
  • Delivered to your door
  • Affordable: about $2.50 per meal
  • Non-GMO, No Bad Stuff
Get Your Go43 Foods

Go43 for Children

Yevo’s foundation, 43forKids, is working to solve child hunger.

Let's End Child Hunger Together

Malnutrition stunts the growth of 1 in 4 kids worldwide.
Yevo’s foundation, 43 for Kids, wants to end child hunger.

Go43 for Mother Earth

Go43 Foods have ZERO food waste. Yevo is doing its part to save Mother Earth.

Yevo Has ZERO Food Waste

The biggest unspoken environmental issue is food waste. Up to 50% of fresh food is wasted.